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''Borjomi" natural perfume

''Borjomi" natural perfume

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  Sketches from last year's autumn... Walks in the magical and fairy-tale forest of Borjomi led to the creation of the new perfume of the same name "Borjomi", floral-woody chypre, with splashes of leather and animalic.. there late flowers are interwoven with spruce resin,
  This aroma is about peace and tranquility, about sweet dried grapes, about drops of spruce resin on the tops of Caucasian mountains, about a spring born in the bowels of the earth, whose water revives the body, mind and soul..

🌺 In the composition:
Resins, labdanum, sandalwood, juniper co2, patchouli, castoreum tincture,  oak moss, fir balsam, black currant abs, mimosa abs, ylang-ylang, bergamot.



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